Distribution of electrical equipment and automation Schneider-Electric, Legrand, ABB, Eaton, Hager, Siemens

      Circuit breakers 60898-1 / 60947-2:
      6kA-100kA, Circuit Breakers and Differential Switches, remote control switches, Contactors and Other Modular Devices.

      Motor Circuit Breakers, Thermal Relays, Contactors, Switches, "Human Machine" Dialogue etc.

  •   WITHDRAWABLE Switches and circuit breakers until 4000A/150KA

  •   Compact Switches and Circuit Breakers from 16A to 1250A

  •   Circuit breakers IEC 60947-2:  6kA-100kA

  •   Modular devices

  •   Cabinets and Modular Cabinets up to 4000A

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  •   Circuit breakers and power switches up to 4000 A and modular devices,
  •   Variable speed drives, soft starts, motor protections, servo and step by step,
  •   Programmable controllers, decentralized I/O, interface, "Human-Machine" dialogue,
  •   touch panels, arresters, safety machines, detectors, limit switches .....
  •   TERTIARY CABINETS - TGBTs - and TDs up to 4000 A
  •   AUTOMATISM CABINETS - Cabinets of special machines and control
  •   INSTALLATION BOXES - Building sites, Electrical panels housing


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